Pictures from St. Benedicts Regatta - 19th Sept

Team Bishop Bavin at work - welcoming the Open Boys Quad
Wico - getting to grips with regatta fare
Scott gets some last minute advice from Ben
Wesley returns after his heat
Wesley and Daniel share a moment
Tyler gives us her traditional royal wave
Rogan and Thomas head out for their doubles event
The senior girls waiting for the next event
Devon & Daniel help a team mate off the water
Ben holds a debriefing after the open boys double event Ryan resorts to extreme measures to stay warm !
Ross in the drivers seat
Rogan gets ready for his next event
Renato shows why the nick name "small" doesn't work anymore
Renato relaxes amongst his supporters
The Open girls 2nd Quad coming off the water
Natascha congratulates Nicole on winning her heat.

Daniel doesn't yet appreciate that its lucky for a bird to poop on you
Mathew practices his latest mind reading trick on coach Durian
Lesley (restraints in hand) encourages the Assumption girls
Lawrence takes a moment to reflect on some big issues (Fanta grape or Fanta Orange ?)
Kyle & Lawrence take a stroll
Kylene shares a moment with Danielle and Claire
Kyle takes a moment to work on his "air guitar" skills
The girls U15 quad
The junior boys at work on the jetty
John & Daniel
Jessica and Shannon talk tactics
Isabella - looking relaxed
Tyler and Mum (Ingrid) share a moment after Tyler's win
Team BBRowing (well the girl part anyway)
Umpire Gaynor - looking very official - she even has her own chauffeur !
Coach Durian and Mathew
Devon shows that there is only one direction for him at the moment !!
Mr & Mrs Dalziel senior - take in the joys of the regatta
Coach Ben, congratulates the Open boys 2nd quad on their great performance
Alex and Raquel - another great performance from a novice crew
The Open boys 2nd Quad heading out for their event