Moments from Gauteng Champs Regatta

Dennis and his adopted son (for the day) Ashton
(Check the pride in the eyes !!)

Rene & Laura

Scott & Matthew celebrate

Wesley & Daniel take the scenic route

Rene & Lauren

Jacinta in determined mood

Captain my Captain (plus Ashton)

Durian sizing up the opposition

The U19 Girls Quad prove you can row through pea & ham soup

The U19 2nd Quad heading out
(with cox)

Mphumi & Tom
(also in the soup)

The U14 2nd Quad (Mateo's first "practice")

No pressure hey ?

Tyler in celebratory mood

The Girls U16 Quad with Coach Katie

John (aka every U14s favourite older brother) -giving the Quad a pep talk

(The faces tell the story)

Durian & Nick looking "buff"

(strong just doesn't do it hey ?)

Alex & Devon going for home
(well to the jetty anyway)

Mathew on his own

Tyler, Kirsty, Robyn, Lauren & Laura


The U19 1st Quad

(Mphumi looking for contact lens ?)

The waiting is definitely the worst part.......

Scott in fine spirits (winning does that to a person)

The U19 2nd Quad (waiting for cox)

Alex on his own

Robyn & Jessica in fine spirits

Ashton (quietly confident)

Matthew heading out (now is it left over right or right over left ?)

Coleen on her way to the jetty

The End (For now)

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Gauteng Championships 3rd & 4th Nov 2007

Dear Parents, please find attached a summary of the results from the Gauteng Championship Regatta rowed at Roodeplaat over the weekend of 3rd and 4th November. Details of individual times can be located on the www.regatta.co.za website.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every single rower who took part in the regatta. In total 38 rowers took part, 24 of whom rowed in "A" finals. Half of these went on to achieve medal positions. A further 18 rowers qualified for "B" finals, 7 of whom finished either 1st or 2nd.

This was the first Championship regatta at Roodeplaat for many of our junior rowers and they performed exceptionally well under very tough conditions (wind/heat). Bishop Bavin has an excellent record at the U14 age level due to the fact that many of our rowers start their careers early. It is therefore important that we as parents support these novices through the learning stages.

There were also a number of senior rowers rowing their first Championship regatta, and although they were sometimes at a disadvantage against more experienced rowers, it was pleasing to see them persevere and show great character in giving their best. I have no doubt that we will see great things from these rowers in the second part of the season.

With the exams almost upon us, rowing will take a back seat now until the Summer Rowing Camp which will be held between 8th and 12th Jan at the Tropicana Resort on the Vaal River. A letter advising full details will be circulated by the school shortly. The approximate cost is R250 per day fully inclusive. All rowers are encouraged to attend the camp as there will be plenty of time for new rowers to practice and crew positions for the balance of the season will be decided at the camp.
The first regatta of the new year will be held on 19th January.

Best Regards

Gauteng Rowing Championships Results

A total of eight medals were won.

JM 14A 1X

Ashton DuToit- Gold (1st)
Matthew Gray-Wilson- Bronze (3rd)

JM 14A 2X- Gold (1st)

Ashton DuToit
Matthew Gray-Wilson

JM 14A 4X- Bronze (3rd)

Ryan Donaldson (Cox)
Matthew Gray-Wilson
Ashton DuToit
Alex Gray-Wilson
Ross Attewell

JM 16A 2X- Silver (2nd)

Scott Donaldson
Matthew Hazell

JW 16A 2- - Bronze (3rd)

Dominique Gray-Wilson
Kirsty Brand

JM 19A 2X- Bronze (3rd)

Durian DuPlesis
Nick Loake

JM 19A 4X- Bronze (3rd)

Renato DeGouveia (Cox)
Durian DuPlesis
Nick Loake
Mpumi Geza
Tom Wyszkowski

A Finals
A total of fifteen A finals were made

JM 14B 2X- 6th

Alex Gray-Wilson
Devon Miller

JW 14A 2X- 7th

Tyler Meyer
Jacinta DeAlmeida

JM 16A 1X- 5th

Scott Donaldson

JW 16A 2X- 6th

Robyn Gross
Jessica Wyszkowski

JW 16A 4X- 7th

Kate Rees (Cox)
Robyn Gross
Dominique Gray-Wilson
Kirsty Brand
Jessica Wyszkowski

JW 19A 1X- 5th

Rene Vermaak

JM 19A 2- -5th

Jarrod Brock
Stuart Gross

B Finals

JW 14A 1X- 2nd

Tyler Meyer

JM 14B 1X- 1st

Alex Gray-Wilson

JM 14B 4X- 1st

Renato DeGouveia (Cox)
Devon Miller
Veshanth Naidoo
Bongani Hlazo
Mateo Telejane

JW 19A 2X

Rene Vermaak
Lauren Stanley

JM 19B 2X

Tom Wyszkowski
Mpumi Geza

JM 19A 1X

Durian DuPlesis
Mpumi Geza

JM 19B 4X

Scott Donaldson (Cox)
Jarrod Brock
Stuart Gross
Wesley Dames
Daniel Morrison