RPSG Committee 08/09 & Chairman's Address

The new RPSG committe for 2008/09 season is as follows:

Chairperson: Eric Donaldson

Vice-Chairperson: Ray Gray Wilson

Secretary: Debbie Donaldson

Treasurer: Pam Gross

GROA Liason: Gaynor Du Toit

PR Coordinator: Kathy Scholfield

Fund Raising: Marion Gray Wilson

Member: Wayne Scholfield

Congratulations to everyone and good luck for the new season.

Chairperson's Address

I’d like to deviate from the traditional format of the Chairman’s report to focus less on the past and more on the challenges ahead - particularly as we move to elect a new committee.

At the outset of our term as a committee, we set ourselves the target to support Bishop Bavin rowing in three key areas viz Growth, Competitiveness & Sustainability.

Whilst the club has seen positive growth, ending the season with 35 active rowers, the loss of an unusually large number of senior rowers who are now in their final year, has reduced this number back to around 25.

However with the remaining rowers now more evenly dispersed through the age groups & with a much smaller number of our seniors moving to Matric in 2009, this is an ideal opportunity to provide continuity in future without incurring large expenses in terms of purchasing additional equipment.

I therefore believe that targeted recruitment, and increased representivity, should be viewed as priorities for the Club in the months leading up to the pre-season camp.

In regards to competitiveness, the Club’s results at Gauteng Champs, VLC Sprints and SA Champs need not be reviewed. What is however noteworthy when reflecting on the season is that each and every rower ended the season better than when they started, and - importantly - was able to have some fun along the way.

With the very real prospect of Roodeplaat being “unrowable” for large parts of the coming season, the nature of senior rowing (at least) is set to change and with this, opportunities arise for us to adapt faster and better than our competitors.

I touched on sustainability earlier in terms of recruitment; however I believe that we need to view sustainability in a much broader context.

In simple terms for rowing to be sustainable whether it be within the school or within the country it has to become more attractive. To become more attractive it has to be properly promoted and to be properly promoted, it needs to be properly funded.

This I see as the key challenge for the new committee in the coming year, and thankfully there are already a number of exciting ideas for the new committee can run with.

Such ambitious ideas are however almost certainly beyond the current capabilities and resources of the committee as it stands.

Therefore I would like to propose the expansion of the committee to include at least one position without a defined portfolio and possibly more in terms of the interest in serving for the new season.

Thereafter I envisage a situation where individual project teams are created which will recruit additional knowledge, skills and muscle from the parent body as and when required.

It is my genuine hope that the response to this call will be positive and result in greater involvement of the parent body in a role where they can make a real difference.

In closing I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the outgoing committee for their efforts over the past year. Through the various challenges that arose during the season, we have certainly grown together into what I believe to be a very effective unit - it has been a privilege to work within a group who are true to the Nike motto – Just do it.


Mpumi Geza makes Gauteng Junior Squad

Congratulations to Mpumi for making the Gauteng junior squad and good luck during the selection for the National team in April !!

We are very proud of you.


Photos from Annual Awards Dinner

Tom receives the Rector's award for rowing

The one that nearly got away - The Derek Read Trophy for Best Boys Sculling School

The Vermaak family

Stephen & Greg Ellis

Mpumi & Nick

Mateu & Devon

Dominique receives her captain's badge from Debbie Ellis

Mirjam and her mum

The two K's - Kate & Kirsty


The Wyszkovski's

Jane & Lynne on hearing the announcement of Daniel & Matthew's award.

Our trusty choirmaster - Mr. Henson
John & Katie

Alexia & Ashleigh

Michele & Debbie looking glam

Dr. Hees and Debbie Ellis

Durian & Natalie

Ray and the twins

Mr. Dippenaar - ready to audition as the new James Bond

Ingrid & Muma

Maneo & Nkare

Mr. & Mrs. Oodendaal

A Kodak moment for Paul

Mrs. Kidson and her crew

Jacinta & Tyler

Scoot receives his Vice Captain's badge

Robyn receives her Vice Captain's badge

Renee & Ralph

Tammy -

Pam & Chris - proud parents on hearing Robyn is new vice captain


Wesley (Senior)

Cheryl & Piet

Laurie & Graca

More photos from Friday's Awards dinner will be posted shortly.