Pictures from St. Andrews Regatta

Tyler, Kirsty, Alexia and Brenna

The U15 Girls quad
Zikayla and Lara

Scott & Wesley

Kylene, with help from Scott and Wesley, catch a VLC rower trying to steal a double (only kidding !!)

Alex and Scott helping the girls

Ashton and Ryan

Nicole nervously awaits the outcome of her race

See, no need to worry - Nicole and Natascha - medal winners on the day

New parent Miriam helps out at the jetty

Matt and Graham share a joke

Marian is glad the day is nearly over


Lara and Zikayla

Kylene and crew ponder the next move

Kate leaves her wearm up to the last moment

Oops - caught out

Ingrid looking nice and relaxed

Matt advises Ray on how to adjust the horizontal hold on his shirt

Helen and Grant

Another Kodak moment - Gaynor and Claire

Gaynor attempts some higher grade maths using only her right hand




Chantal appears distraught at not winning the raffle

New parent Carl

Brenna and Colleen

Bonita and Kate

Annette takes her turn on watch