Pictures from Jeppe Regatta - Jan 17th 2009

Tools of the trade

Ralph appears unimpressed with the hot dogs - should have used Sausage Saloon hey ?

Matt gives a pep talk

Tom, John & Daniel listen avidly - (John appears ready to applaud)

Ross appears to have a lot to learn when it comes to keeping the girls entertained with witty conversation.

Mateu gets some advice from veteran rowers Alex & Mathew

Wesley lends a hand

Nicole and Natascha checking out the venue in preparation for their next regatta

Everyone in fine spirits

John leads everyone in a chorus of a Stevie Wonder classic

Wait a minute......... what's this........... but I thought................... Nooooooo !!!!!

Duncan and John contemplate a sea of hyacinth which gate-crashed the regatta

The organisers quickly set about clearing the course (much easier said than done)

Ross waits patiently (or is that michieviously)

The only good hyacinth is a dead hyacinth (!?!)

Mathew explores the adage about a bird in the hand.............

Aleks questions the merits of having that second peanut butter and syrup roll

A Kodak moment - Ray and Dominique

Matt busies himself as racing restarts

Mateu returns victorius after winning his U15 single sculls heat (his first win)

The U14 boys put together a composite crew for the Quad race

Ross gives Alex some last minute tips on coxing

And away they go (they eventually won their race)

Ashton belatedly gets into the Stevie Wonder groove
Aleks & Renato, fresh from their victory in their Open double event

At the end of a long day - Renato contemplates a day of firsts

After all is said and done and the race is lost or won, for the joy of those in boats and on the banks, it is to God that we give our thanks.