Pictures from Buffalo & Selborne Regattas

Team Bishop Bavin at the end of a long days racing

Obviously not long enough...................

Jacinta (obviously a stickler for rules) gaurds the gate to the guest house

Jacinta again in helpfull mode...........

Team Bishop Bavin checking in at the guest house

Robyn lends a hand - not a word about lady drivers...........
Jamie, Wesley, Shannon, Kaylee, Alexia & John await a lift to the guest house
Still some energy left after a long day.

That's better.....

The girls show off their range of theft proof luggage - which thief would be caught carrying a metallic pink bag after all ?

Ed does some serious reading....... (yeah right !!)

Duncan keeps a close watch on everything.

Ryan helps Darren with his contact lenses.

The girls 2nd Quad

Jamie and Kaylee in their U16 double

Tara and her crew from VL/UJ

Scott rows to the start of his singles race

Scott - in happy mood after the Open Boys quad race

Tara does some last minute adjustments to the U16 girls double
Scott demonstrates why you should never work with children and small animals

Ed & Scott - the faces say it all

Ryan - in relaxed mood

Renato - deadly in the single sculls

Told you....

John on his way to the start.

Jamie & Bonita

The Open Girls Quad

Ben - in good spirits - despite the load

The Open Boys 2nd Quad - 4th in the A Final - Excellent !!

Kirsty & Dominique in the Open Girls double
The Open Girls 2nd Quad

The double gets some running repairs

Tara gives some last minute advice to Bonita and Bella

Everyone lends a hand
The girls in supporter mode