Feedback from Weekend 30th/31st January

Apologies to all crews whose training was affected by the swimming event held at Germiston Lake over the past weekend.
Despite our best efforts to schdule sessions around this - the information given was incorrect which impacted on the late morning sessions.
We can only apologise to everyone for the inconvenience caused but if its any consolation, we were not the only ones affected.
The good news is that the weekend off provided us with the opportunity to assist with some much needed maintenance of boats and equipment and special thanks to those who were able to help.
The work party was able to tackle most of the tasks on the list of things to do, and the plan is to finish off over the weekend prior to SA Champs.
A small group of parents also assisted with the clearing of weed and maintenance of lanes at Roodeplaat.
The news is that the amount of weed is significantly less than that experienced at the last regatta, however there is still enough of it around to cause problems.
Rowsa will be working on the course over the weeks leading up to SA Champs to clear the remaining weed and make sure the course is rowable. Many thanks to those parents who have contributed either time or money (or both) to make sure the regatta can go ahead and we have fair racing conditions. Please do remember that we have a number of our rowers who will be competing for the last time at this event and it would be great if our contribution has gone someway to ensuring safe and fair conditions.