Images from Gauteng Schools Championship Regatta

Bishop Bavin Crew - Gauteng School Championships Nov 2008

Tom and Dominique collect the trophy for Best Co-ed school at the regatta

The U15 Boys Quad - Silver medal winners

Serge gets ready for his heat

Colleen demonstrates why you should never act with children or animals - (they always steal the show)
Sachin - patrolling the perimeter of the gazebo

Shannon and Wesley anxiously waiting on news from the front

Ashton (minus sling) and Grandpa

Strategic Planning ?

Serge Chills between events

Shannon studying

Tom relaxing

Tyler in relaxed mode

The U16 boys relaxing

Josh in conference with Rene & Ralph - is a comeback on the cards ?

Ross & Mateu
Robyn hard at work
Renato phones a friend (hope he hasn't used up his other life-lines)
Renato wishes he had chosen the lemon & herb option instead of extra hot

Two big men in blue shirts (Richard & Ray)

Pam shows Eric the way forward

The Open boys Quad with medals

Open boys at rest - a rare sight

Matthew & Daniel

Mystery Leg - Employees of Bishop Bavin and their familes are not permitted to enter the competition

The faces say it all........ a close finish

Matt & Scott

Lura - underneath the calm exterior the nerves are tingling

Ex rower Luis made a guest appearance at the regatta

Lara, Natascha and Zikayla - just what is Lara looking at ?

Lara and Zikayla after their double race.

Kylene (abley assisted by Jacinta) shows why its good to brush twice a day.

Coach Kylene - pleased with the days results

Kirsty is running out of hand space for all the notes
This texting thing is hard work
Kathy - looking pensive

Kathy couldn't resist the lure of a Bennies Boerie. Wayne is not impressed.

Jenny and Kathy (minus Boerie)

Jessica chills between events

Everybody's favourite big brother John, helps a soutie with his Afrikaans

John gives some consolation to Ashton after his participation in the regatta was cut short through injury.
John in considered mode (just for a moment)

Jacinta - the face says it all !!

John inadvertantly samples some of Pam's famous home brew and has to sit down immediately

(is it just me or is this picture sloping to the right..........................)

Graham and John in relaxed mode

Graham's evil twin brother Rex Nogood considers his next move

I see no ships ! - Danielle recounts Nelson's famous moment from the battle of Trafalger

After Devon's strong showing in the heats, Duncan quickly checks the odds on a place in the final.

Dominique does her best impression of the cuddly Dulux dog

Devon and Mateu share a moment

Devon and Father Duncan (paternal not religious) share a moment (different from the one above)
Graham asks Daniel where he bought his hair piece


Daniel shows that he has brains as well as brawn
Colleen, Tyler and Ashley have some fun

Pam & Chris await the judges scores (oops - sorry wrong sport)

A pile of Junior girls (is that the correct collective noun ?)

The victorius U15 double
Brenna & Jacinta celebrate their silver medal in the double
Brenna appears to have bought her hair piece from the same shop as Daniel.

Brendon has a laugh whilst Ross tries to work out how to rebuild his phone

A young visitor to the regatta stumbles on some toxic waste material - Aaaargh someone call the press
Alexia & Tyler

Alex and Devon
Adrian asks where he should put this.............

Adrian fresh from his heat in single sculls

The open boys 2nd quad

The business end of the open boys quad

Matt checks his script or is it the new bus timetable - Eric keeps a lookout

Mathew & Ashton - Gold medallists in the U15 double

Marisa - looking nice and relaxed

Stephen keeping cool

Lura is delighted after the U14 boys quad wins it's heat - this is what it's all about hey !!