SA Champs Regatta Results

Thank you to everyone who attended the SA Champs regatta over the past three days. This was definitely the best attended regatta I have seen both in terms of support and participants. We were rewarded with some awesome racing from our crews, and I truly think our rowers have restored the pride in Bishop Bavin rowing.

Our sincere thanks also go to the members of staff at the school who took the time out of their weekends to come and support the rowers.

Unfortunately I don't have exact tallies on races entered, and our participation in finals as yet, but I will try and get these for our records. So apologies in advance that this post only covers medal winners.

To put our performance in context, please remember that we won a single bronze medal at last year's championships:

Summary of Results for Bishop Bavin Rowing:

Winner of Melanie Rawbone Trophy for Best Co-Ed School
Winners of the Derek Read Trophy for Best Boys Sculling School
Winner of Hollard Blades Trophy for Boys Open Double Sculls
Winner of John Waugh Trophy for Boys U-14 Single Sculls
Winner of Tony Dobson Trophy for Best Boys U-14 Section
Winner of the Barbara Kirchner Trophy for Best Boys U14 Double Sculls
Runners Up for Tom Clarke Trophy for Best Boys U-16 Double Sculls
Runners Up for Keith Maybery Trophy for Best Boys U-14 Quadruple Sculls

Bronze Medal position in the Boys Open Quadruple Sculls
Bronze Medal Position in the Boys U-16 Single Sculls

On a personal note I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the coaching team of Dennis, Katie, John and Matt.

It is a special gift to be able to change lives in the way that you have done. We have watched our children grow in so many positive ways under your direction and we really do hope that you will continue to be part of this in the future.