Pictures from VLC Regatta - 26th January - Day of Days !!

Rowing buddies

Ralph gives an enthralled Marion & Renee his views on how the day will go

Chris & Ray - loitering with intent

Jackie and Johan - enjoying the day

This rowing thing is thirsty work

Robyn and Tom look on anxiously - Kirsty can't bear to look.

Daniel shows off his new dentistry work

The girls in good spirits before the serious stuff starts

Dominque gets some tips from old hand (and medal winner) Matthew (Yeah right !!)

Tom does his best Matt Damon impersonation

Tom in good spirits after his single scull event

Stuart looking buff

John regrets ordering the extra hot prego steak
Daniel and Scott share a moment

Ray and Dennis looking concerned

Mathew disproves the commonly held belief that if you snooze you lose

Rene heads for shore after her single sculling event.

The Open Boys Quad heading out
Ingrid and Michele look on anxiously

Tyler - with first win under her belt

The new look U14 boys quad - Check the smiles !!

Tom and Mpumi consider some options

The U14 Boys show off their winners medals - (isn't the boy on the right a bit big for U14 ?)

Ryan and Ross take to the water in their first double event

Okay they didn't win the double, but it would have been nice !!

Everyone lends a hand to pull the lanes in (Nick in red supervises the operation)

John mistakenly tries to encourages the team with his version of the Haka (Nick continues to supervise)

Durian found the fishing at the lake hard work

Ross and his new friend (left) pull something big and blue in towards the shore

Kerry, about to take the plunge courtesy of Alex, Mathew and Cara.

Wesley really enjoyed the impromtu game of "statues"
Every picture tells a story - well can you tell us what's going on in this one ?
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Mpumi lends Tom a hand in collecting the first trophy

It doesn't get much better than this !!

Clean sweep of the trophies

What a team !!

Thanks to everyone involved for making this such a great (and memorable) day !!

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