Pictures from Boat Race

Proud coaches Ben & Tara, bask in the moments after the announcement of the results of the head race.
Tara & the Open Girls 1st Quad - making "C" final on their first attempt - Awesome !!
Ben celebrates the 1st V111's result in the head race ("D" final). Durian gives a rather restrained royal wave.
The crews share a special moment.
Marian spots something................
Debbie.....caught in the act.

The Boys show why teenage excitement and tall buildings don't go well together.

The Open Girls Quad about to pass ZRC.


Team Spirit !! - The Open Girls await the return of the boys.

The 1st V111 on its way to the start.
The junior boys in the 1st V111 preparing to set off for the start.

The 1st V111 in race mode.

The other half of the 1st V111

Ben is so excited by the result that he sings "I'm a little tea pot"....... Scott is amused

Blades of Glory

Durian strikes a pose

John gets back down to business

Ray hitches a ride to the start

Cox Renato - a job well done !!

Richard and Ben share some numbers

Scott & proud Mum