Pictures from August Rowing Camp

Another peaceful and tranquil day at Germiston Lake........or maybe not

What's all the commotion ?

Surely not Katie ?

New coach Graham ?

John welcomes everyone to boot camp

Matt calls the shots

Everyone listens when the boss is talking........

The Open Girls (and Kate) get a briefing from Graham

The Open Girls get things going

Dominique shows how its done

No one can question Twanda's commitment

Sachan can see the end in sight

Lura gets strapped onto an Ergo for the first time

Our Father, who art in heaven.........................

Kate - looking cool & comfortable

Matt does his version of "The Thinker" whilst Scott & MC look on in awe

It's Jacinta's turn to show everyone how its done

Mateu demonstrates his version of the New Zealand "Haka"

Tshiamo feels the burn

The faces say it all......

No man left behind

Fazile, Tshiamo & Alex - catch their breath

Team talk (escape committee ?)

Kevin & friends pursuade Danielle that she really should listen to more Bob Marley

Brenna - looking like a pro

Renato shows off his skills with the blades

Twanda forgot to mention a minor matter regarding his lack of swimming experience

Look Mum, no hands - Jessica busy with her sculling test

Kevin gets some tips from John

John & Wesley pairing up for the first time

Kate gets ready to head out - Jacinta assists

What's this ? An Under 15 Girls Quad..................

Graham & Matt check the proceedings

Robyn & Dominique have to physically restrain an unruly Open boy (Scott)

Mathew prepares to bowl a googlie with his brothers cell phone...

Alexia waits her turn.

Matt & MC look on enviously as Tom shows off a hat from his Spring collection
The Open Boys (doing what Open Boys do)

Definitely a boy thing........
Claire and Danielle........BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Pictures courtesy of Rene Blackie (fresh from photographic course)

Thanks to everyone involved in the camp for making it such a memorable experience.