Photos From St. Andrews Regatta

Look mum, no hands !! Robyn and Jessica show how easy it is.
Scott navigates around a particularly difficult piece of hyacinth
Jarrod, cool calm and collected.
Dominique and Kirsty - all smiles
Dominique and Kirsty Rene
The Open Girls quad
The Bennies boys looking for tips from the Girls Open Quad
The Boys Open Quad
Lauren & Cara
Durian looks for shelter from the rain
Mpumi caught in the rain
Scott in full flow
Durian and Joel
Mpumi and Tom
Mathew begins an impromtu version of "Riverdance" whilst Josh looks on in admiration
Tom does his Captaincy thing and repremands the bird which just pooped in Scott's ear
Scott and Mathew enjoy some success
John, dispells the harsh rumour that he can't multi task
Lauren shows John how to multi task and be cool at the same time.

A group hug moment ?

The Open boys quad with Parktown in their sights. Check the looks from Parktown.

Wesley gets some valuable tips from Dennis whilst the opposition looks on.