Moments from Gauteng Champs Regatta

Dennis and his adopted son (for the day) Ashton
(Check the pride in the eyes !!)

Rene & Laura

Scott & Matthew celebrate

Wesley & Daniel take the scenic route

Rene & Lauren

Jacinta in determined mood

Captain my Captain (plus Ashton)

Durian sizing up the opposition

The U19 Girls Quad prove you can row through pea & ham soup

The U19 2nd Quad heading out
(with cox)

Mphumi & Tom
(also in the soup)

The U14 2nd Quad (Mateo's first "practice")

No pressure hey ?

Tyler in celebratory mood

The Girls U16 Quad with Coach Katie

John (aka every U14s favourite older brother) -giving the Quad a pep talk

(The faces tell the story)

Durian & Nick looking "buff"

(strong just doesn't do it hey ?)

Alex & Devon going for home
(well to the jetty anyway)

Mathew on his own

Tyler, Kirsty, Robyn, Lauren & Laura


The U19 1st Quad

(Mphumi looking for contact lens ?)

The waiting is definitely the worst part.......

Scott in fine spirits (winning does that to a person)

The U19 2nd Quad (waiting for cox)

Alex on his own

Robyn & Jessica in fine spirits

Ashton (quietly confident)

Matthew heading out (now is it left over right or right over left ?)

Coleen on her way to the jetty

The End (For now)

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