Images from Long Row 22nd June

An early start for everyone - We fielded 4 quads - everyone arrived on time despite the early start and cold conditions.

The Open Boys quad off to a strong start - Matt had given each boat a "game plan" so they could use the route to practice various exercises.

The Open Girls are on their way (Kirsty shows off the latest head gear)

Kirsty without head gear - everyone looking comfortable

The Open Girls again - in good spirits

The Junior Girls quad (about now, they realised that there were still 24Km to go.....)

The Junior Girls again - 23.8Km to go

From the position of the blades you would never saythat this is the first time they have rowed together. Well done girls !!

Claire flys the flag for the Open Girls Quad

Isobella looks confident in the driver's seat of the Junior Girls quad

There were spectators at various points along the route which added a real "festival" feel

The birthday girls (Kate and Kiara)


Renato shows off his dream house

A boat load of Vietnamese refuges - obviously lost

A boat load of Bedfordview refugees ? (Richard, Chris Ashley and Josh)

Tyler wonders exactly what Isobella has passed back for lunch

The Open Girls minus a few layers of clothing

Claire at the helm of the Open Girls quad

Wesley wishes he had brought the doughnut ring
Scott demonstrates why discarding used chewing gum is a crimal offence in many countries

The Junior boys quad were so far ahead that we only caught up to them at the end
The Open Boys quad about to pass the Brady bunch

The morning quickly warmed up - hell in Africa hey !!

The Junior Boys at the finish line
You would never have guessd that they have just rowed 30Km !!The faces say it all (Ross and Alex)

Ryan relaxes after a long hard row.........yeh right !!

This is what it's all about...................

A big thank you to all the parents who helped organise this event (it really is appreciated) and congratulations to everyone who participated in the Long Row regatta.

Next year ? Who knows...................